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Patchwork Angels Quilt Shop - May 10: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!



Good Afternoon!  We are all in this together!  Hope everyone continues to stay safe and well!


We may have news in the next few days, as the Southern Tier is readying to open in Phase I.  Will let you know our plans as soon as we know them!  I have created a new e-mail address just for communicating with our customers and staff.  You may contact me on this new email address if you have ideas, suggestions, and/or requests:

None of our staff are or have been ill. 

I have not heard of any of our quilting community who have contracted the virus but all of us either know someone who has a family member or friends that have contracted the virus and our thoughts and prayers are with them!

IF you are a facebook user and are not yet part of our Patchwork Angels Classes & Camps group, feel free to request to join, and we will add you to this group of local dedicated quilters and friends.   We share info and ideas, and just generally keep in touch on a daily basis.

1.  We have cancelled all of our classes now through Sunday, May 31.   My anticipation is that even if we are allowed to open for sales this month, that classes will be a later option, so we will make opportunities for classes and/or open sews as we determine what we should and are allowed to do.  For those of you that have paid for weekly classes in advance, know that those prepaid classes will still be there for you no matter when we return to those weekly get togethers.

2.   We will be monitoring e-mail and checking on the shop periodically, but we will not be providing mail or pick up services at this time.   We do not want to risk the health of either our staff or our customers.

3.  If you find any tools or patterns that you fall in love with on line while we are staying home that you can live without until we reopen but would like me to order for you for that time, please send an e-mail to and I will do my best to have those desired items for you when we reopen.

If you need to reach us to talk, call or text Rose at (607) 727-4494 or send an e-mail to Rose's gmail id:  and we will work out what we can to help.   

An e-mail will be sent out as things are adjusted.     

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to us via phone or email.  We'll try to monitor as often as we can and get back to you asap!

Don't forget that we also post our Open/Closed status and all sale information on Facebook! 

Have a safe and healthyl week everyone!

Thanks for your continued support:  Rose, Candy, Carol, Eva, Laurie & Marie


Patchwork Angels Quilt Shop

307 West Main Street
Endicott, NY 13760

Phone:  (607) 748-0682

Shop hours:  Closed