12 Days of Christmas - Are you Ready?

Hi all of you Holly Jolly Quilters!!  HO, HO, HO!!  (are you feeling that Holiday Spirit yet?) 




If all things go as planned, you'll soon get another email from us with the "1st Day of CHRISTMAS Specials"!!  And of course our plans "ALWAYS" work, right?  (AHEM.....now stop that laughing!!)  (yeah, yeah, yeah...if they ALWAYS worked, you'd have gotten this 2-3 days ago!) LOL....


Okay, on with the rules and the fine print stuff......


1. As we said, we will start sending out e-Mails soon for the "1st Day" and for each day after for a total of 12 days!   “Plan” is to send an email on the following evenings: December 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, & 13. Orders will be accepted through December 15. We will send an email out on or shortly after the 15th summarizing your purchases so you can make adjustments, if required.


PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL FOR ORDERING......  Info@patchworkangels.com


2.  You do NOT have to preregister, but PLEASE remember to add your name, address, phone and e-Mail with your first order.  Even if we KNOW you and see you every week, it will save us MUCH time and effort. If at all possible, please go to our website and sign up for our newsletter, if you are not already registered.   Our emails will be sent from our website and posted there as well as on Facebook.


PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL FOR ORDERING......  Info@patchworkangels.com


3. We will be giving away a Gift Certificate (to be used in January '16) and your name will go in the drawing with each order you place. The winner will find this in their order upon pickup!  There may be other “surprises” in your packages. Final details are being discussed!   There must be some secrets at Christmas time!


PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL FOR ORDERING......  Info@patchworkangels.com


4. We will NOT ask for your Credit Card info {or payment} until the end of the event. 


PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL FOR ORDERING......  Info@patchworkangels.com


5.  Once an item is listed each day, it's available at that price FOR 2 DAYS / 48 HOURS. .....HOWEVER....although we will make every effort to have enough stock available, some items may be limited and if so, it will be "first come, first served".  We will go by the time you came in, the time you e-Mailed or the time you called in, so check as early as possible so you don't forget!  You may remember that last year we kept the ordering open all through the 12 days and that did not work very well for us, so this year we are asking that you decide in the 2 days following the sending of each e-mail. If you find you need to cancel something that you requested, no problem. If you REALLY want something and missed the window, let us know and we will fill your request if we can, but we really appreciate ordering in the 2 days immediately following each e-mail.


PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL FOR ORDERING......  Info@patchworkangels.com


6. Orders will be bagged up and ready for pickup by December 21st at the latest (pssst...you can tell your Honey that you've 'helped them' choose your gift and have them pay & pick it up!!)  If you can't get in before December 31st, please give us a call, arrange payment and we can hold it or ship it to you. (you would only be charged the actual shipping cost!) If we have your order ready before the 21st, we will let you know so you can pick it up before then if you like.

 PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL FOR ORDERING......  Info@patchworkangels.com


7.  If you know someone without e-Mail access and they'd like to play along, let them know that we will also do our best to have a notice or display at the shop each day, showing the special sale.  If you stop in or call, you may order the item(s) and they will be added to your bag or box to be picked up on the 21st .  

 PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL FOR ORDERING......  Info@patchworkangels.com

8.  Perhaps you may not have noticed, but.....this is VERY IMPORTANT....


PLEASE USE THIS EMAIL FOR ORDERING......  Info@patchworkangels.com...!!!!


If you send your orders to Rose or Candy directly, they occasionally end up in our Spam Folders or other miscellaneous places and we don't want you to miss out on any bargains that you'd like!!


We will send out updates if we come up with additional info you need.  IF you have any questions or concerns, please send an e-mail to  Info@patchworkangels.com



Your friends at Patchwork Angels:   Rose, Candy, Carol, Carolyn, Marie, & Kim